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Art, creativity, strength... the PROVOCATION of Antonio Carena.

These and others are the artist's characteristics that echo and are kept alive not only thanks to the guided tours of the House Museum which was his residence and is a destination for those who love places dedicated to art and culture; but through the initiatives and exhibitions curated by his nephew Nicolò Balocco who, together with the painter's daughter Tin Carena, renew each time the search for originality, opportunity and reflection that were the essence of the artist.

- Starting from Saturday 13 May, in the annex of Casa Museo Antonio Carena, works from the 1970s strongly representative of the graffiti period will be exhibited with the exhibition entitled "Nothing to say, nothing to listen to".

Works to be breathed in and observed, remembering that it was 1971 when Carena entered a moment of a conceptual type, tending towards non-intervention, towards the zeroing of contents.

Thus if 'the writing', at first glance a confused and disordered set of signs and colours, were an effective means of expressing and spreading opinions, arousing reactions, causing doubts and sometimes challenging; the blank canvases were a boost to the purism of language, a declaration of the need for change as well as pages on which to potentially write one's thoughts on current affairs or history.

- In the garden of the annex Andrea Quaranta, artist, friend and former student of Antonio Carena whose work is also present in the Museum of Urban Art, will create in front of the public, in a performance that will begin at 16.30, the 'SUA PAGINA' on a white canvas, interpreting reality with his vision of the same combined with the stylistic figure.

Antonio Carena had expressed himself about him defining him, with his unique language, an artist not willing to conform to the cultural milieu in which he acted and therefore similar to his personal way of creating and discussing: "The fulcrum of ours is a "landscape" located in the mainsail from the intellectual wainscot of the "similist of naturalness" in order to highlight a manufacturing misrepresentation of inebriation made clear by epiphanic sparkles afferent to degrees of heat of ecal romanticity."

The completed work will dialogue in the annex with the Antonio Carena exhibition scheduled until Sunday 28 May.

- The artist Roberto Monticone, author of the Mood_stones, will be present. He will represent through the combination of stones, placed in a magical balance that challenges and touches the rules of the law of gravity and physics, his personal search for essential balance and an elegant, sensitive deep vision of reality.


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Until 21 October 2023

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