The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art Pordenone is located in the historic center of the City at the Center for Pastoral Activities. The Museum was founded in 1991 and officially opened in 1995. The Museum was founded with the objective of maintaining different nuclei in the sacred and devotional collection. The collection is composed of frescoes and sinopie, paintings on canvas and wood, glass, wood and stone sculptures, silverware, drawings and prints, vestments. The exhibition includes a dual orientation: according to matter and the destination. The collection of paintings, furniture, statues and furniture of various kinds from the seventh century to the contemporary, the museum has tried to exploit the locally sourced artists. Among the major artists we find: Francesco Guardi, Nicola Grassi, Giovanni Martini, Pomponio Amalteo, Grigoletti Michelangelo and many others. Of great interest are the drawings, architectural models and bronzes which originally poured in a state of total abandonment and today thanks to the restoration are in perfect condition.

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Via Revedole, 1
33170 Pordenone

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