Curated by: Paola Goretti, Marco Meneguzzo

The show

The Ancient, the Very Ancient, the Avant-garde and the Contemporary, the happenings of the seventies, the ateliers, the maze of friendships and collaborations, large exhibitions, small museums: with AURELIO AMENDOLA | An anthology. Michelangelo, Burri, Warhol and the others, anthological exhibition dedicated to a master of Italian photography, from 8 February to 25 July 2021 the Pistoia Museums Foundation is staging the beauty told in its two locations in Palazzo Buontalenti and the Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi in over two hundred images.

Aurelio Amendola, skilled experimenter of unprecedented combinations between Ancient and Contemporary, is one of the most elegant and prolific photographers of our time: his images have an ancient strength of millions of years and, at the same time, transmit pure grace and melody.

The exhibition of the Pistoia Musei Foundation wants to be a tribute to the career of an author of great intensity, capable of transforming natural elements into metaphors of sensuality and carnality, firmly anchored to the Tuscan cultural context and to its Pistoia in particular, not only an artist of the genius loci but interpreter of the universal genius.

AURELIO AMENDOLA | An anthology. Michelangelo, Burri, Warhol and the others, is divided into two large parts - Ancient and Contemporary - linked by continuous figurative references, which trace over 60 years of activity and all the genres in which the author has experimented, deepened by specific sections of the exhibition.

This is the first exhibition that collects almost all of Amendola's production, offering the public the opportunity to admire its figurative coherence, the link with the classical tradition, with the history of Art and Photography, with the great contemporary masters.

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Via de' Rossi, 7
51100 Pistoia


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