The Museum of Pathology is located in the historic center of Pisa. The Museum is part of the Museum System of the University of Pisa, as well as the museum network Pisana. The Museum of Pathological Anatomy was born around 1870 as a collection of pathological and anatomical parts of educational interest taken from the corpse and placed in blown glass vases. It welcomes an important collection of pieces and pathological human animals of great scientific value, some of which date back to the Grand Ducal. Considering the start dates of much of the material collections has reported historical interest, as well as pathological and teaching, and in any event includes exhibits and rare specimens. It has recently added a section on findings of forensic interest, donated by the Department of Legal Medicine, University of Pisa, and a section dedicated to paleopathology, with a rich collection of exhibits illustrating paleopathological various bone diseases in ancient human skeletal remains, Etruscan times to the Middle Ages, the result of the research activity of the Division of Paleopathology. Part of this last section a pre-Columbian mummy, which is a finding of great interest and attraction for the public. Currently, the museum is under renovation and not all the exhibits are on display. During the closing for the emergency, the Museum System of the University and also the Museum of Anatomy and Histology have enhanced their virtual part, becoming SMArt, proposing new digital content.

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Via Roma, 55
56126 Pisa

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