The Museum of the tools for calculation is located in the historic center of Pisa. The Museum is located within the area of ​​ex - slaughterhouses. The Museum was founded in 1989 by the Center for the Study and Preservation of Scientific Instruments for the enhancement of the Cabinet of Experimental Physics of the university of Pisa. The Museum has a vast wealth of tools for calculating ranging from the eighteenth century to the present day. The collection is divided into two main sections: the historical scientific instruments and machines related to the history of computing and information technology. The Historical Scientific Instruments include inventions of Galileo Pacinotti, like the famous "machine". The computer collection, unique in its kind, includes mainframe computers of the fifties and nineties. Of great interest is the Pisan Electronic Calculator, considered the very first computer designed and manufactured in Italy. The museum visit is enriched thanks to the media reality that supports the teaching and workshops for adults and children.

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Via Nicola Pisano, 12
56126 Pisa

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