Located in the heart of Piacenza, XNL Piacenza Contemporanea is a cultural center entirely dedicated to contemporary art, located in the Ex-Enel building owned by the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation. XNL is the acronym of the wording "Ex-Enel" under which the historic building rested in the years following its disposal by the national electricity authority and its acquisition by the Foundation in the early 2000s. Built in 1907 to house a cartonage factory and a lithograph, it was partially renovated in 1919, when the entire complex passed into the hands of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Consortiums just then established in Piacenza. On this occasion the building found the aspect we see today and which is due to the project of the Reggio engineer and architect Guido Tirelli, author in Emilia of very recognizable Neo-Renaissance buildings and to the intervention of some painters in great vogue at that time, like the Piacenza Luciano Ricchetti. His are the allegories that can be admired, after cleaning, on the staircase of the building.

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