EPA Parma Museum is an innovative cultural and museum center designed and developed by Monteparma Foundation. Always deeply committed to the promotion of arts and culture, both through direct projects, both by supporting organizations and associations, the Foundation has chosen to acquire and renovate a prestigious closed time, located in the heart of historic Parma, to return to the city as a fundamental part of its cultural life. Opened in June 2018, EPA Parma Museum is a place that can promote and accommodate the different artistic expressions and various forms of knowledge, through initiatives ranging from art exhibitions to concerts, from theater shows to conferences, conference or book presentations. Hence the name APE, acrostic of "Arts", "Performance" and "Events", which synthesizes and embraces three letters in the desire to offer a cultural program in the round, able to meet and stimulate the interest of the public different. But EPA also refers to a multiplicity of meanings by the activity, organization and dynamism eponymous insect creative inspiration drawn from the flight, up to the very origin of the banking foundations by the Monti di Pieta and the banks, with the ' hive symbolizing the savings.

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Str. Luigi Carlo Farini, 32
43121 Parma

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