Museo Civico Floriano Bodini

The Floriano Bodini Civic Museum

The Civic Museum Floriano Bodini is Gemonio, birthplace of the sculptor which it is dedicated, was born from the conversion of an eighteenth century rural farmhouse in an institution dedicated to the promotion and artistic research, a dynamic place and aggregation that presents each year exhibitions of Italian and international artists, workshops, conferences, concerts and theater events. The main objective is to deepen and renew knowledge of the work of Bodini and other artists related to him by affinity, seriousness and rigor in research, with a look that combines the broad international scope to the historical and cultural roots. The Museum was inaugurated in 1998 for the will of the municipal administration in collaboration with the Province of Varese and the Mountain Community Valcuvia, with funding from the Lombardy Region and the Cariplo Foundation. The collection consists of several parts: the corpus of works by Bodini covers the entire span of his artistic activity and it is made from gypsum, bronzes, terracotta, marble and numerous pieces of medals and graphic production. There are also a large number of sculptures, paintings and graphic artists appreciated and collected by the same Bodini. To name a few, among sculptors can be admired Leonardo Bistolfi, Medardo Rosso, Arturo Martini, Giuseppe Grandi, Lucio Fontana, Francesco Messina and Augusto Perez. Among the paintings, the museum holds works by artists linked to the existential realism art movement to which the Bodini same approaches in the youth of its route. Thanks to the rich program of exhibitions and events the Civic Museum Floriano Bodini emphasizing and promoting in particular the protagonists of Existential Realism and the New Figuration. Of the pictorial section of the collection includes works by Alberto Sughi, French Franc, Giuliano Vangi, Giuseppe Zigaina, Piero Leddi and many others, in addition to more recent donations by Franco Molteni, Giordano Morganti, Claudio Bonomi, Jean Rustin and Nicola Villa. As part of the graphics, we find works by Fernand Léger, Henry Moore, Georges Rouault and Graham Sutherland. The museum offers also an important library of over 5,000 titles, with some attention to the authors of existential realism and the history of sculpture; are volumes partly already cataloged and available for consultation and loan.


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Via Marsala 11
21036 Gemonio


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