Akrai Archaeological Area

Akrai Archaeological Area

Akrai was founded in 664 BC, on the plateau between the two valleys of Tellaro and Anapo, in control of the hinterland. The public area, arranged along the slope of the hill overlooking the modern city of Palazzolo Acreide, is dominated by the presence of the theater, the bouleterion, dating back to the third century. BC and of a probable thermal building with a central circular room, from the late Hellenistic period; on the acropolis, the foundations of an archaic temple from the second half of the sixth century remain. BC, identified with the temple of Aphrodite, mentioned in an inscription. In the early Christian age, a complex of catacombs and funerary hypogea opened on the walls of some large quarries of the classical age, Carved and Intagliatella, creating an evocative scenography. In the archaeological area, there are the so-called. “Santoni”, a 3rd century sanctuary. BC dedicated to the cult of the goddess Cybele, characterized by the presence of large rock sculptures. Also from the Hellenistic period is the nearby sanctuary known as the Feral Temples, dedicated to the cult of the dead venerated as Heroes. Originally a stone quarry, its walls are entirely covered, in the lower part, with votive grooves.


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Via Teatro Greco, 8
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