Botanical Museum

The Botanical Museum is located in the historic city center and is part of the University Museum of the University of Padua. In the Botanical Museum of the University of Padua where you can see the fruits, seeds, woods, mushroom models and educational boards, all material mostly collected since the early nineteenth century. In addition to this the herbarium, internationally recognized under the symbol PAD, are preserved more than 600,000 specimens of dried plants, algae, fungi, lichens and galls. In a changing environment where an increasing amount of land is used for farming or construction machinery, where excessive and often wrong agricultural practices are responsible for the destruction of fragile environments such as freshwater streams, where we are witnessing a progressive and abnormal increase in temperature that involves moving (almost a migration) of some species, it is very important as it was witness to the territory, and not only that surrounds us closely, in a past not too far away. This huge amount of information can be the basis for a possible and desirable to environmental restoration. Among the functions of the Museum there is also the disclosure by which these objects are not "old and dusty" but they represent a continuous source of knowledge and curiosity, important, above all, to stimulate new generations.

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Via Orto botanico, 15
35123 Padova

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