The Diocesan Museum of Ortona is located in the historic center of the city, in the province of Chieti. The museum is also known as the Museum of St. Thomas the Apostle, opened in 1988. The museum was created by the will of Monsignor Tommaso de Luca has his private collection to the diocese. The collection includes numerous artistic works ranging from 1100 to 1800. The exhibition is divided into four rooms on the left side of the Cathedral, which were originally private chapels used for worship. They find themselves: the Rosary Chapel, the Chapel of the Baptistery and the Chapel of St. Onofrio. Among the works stand out the paintings of Thomas of Alexandria and Giovan Battista Spinelli. Of great value are the "Last Judgment" and the "Pieta of Chioggia" to the work of Alexandria. Interesting are the carvings and effigies in reference to the nobles of the city of Ortona. The Diocesan Museum has a substantial collection of numismatic works for over two hundred pieces. Ortona, you remember, was working as a civic brand during the Kingdom of Aragon. Today are preserved the different domains of the coins from before the unification of Italy to date.

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Piazza S. Tommaso, 1
66026 Ortona

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