The Ciusa Museum is located in the historic center of the city of Nuoro and is dedicated to the famous Nuoro artist Francesco Ciusa. The museum collection presents the artist's most important works referable above all to sculptures. Almost fifty works represent the varied artistic activity and among the main works we find "The Return", "La Campana", "Il Cainita" and "il sboliere". The sculptures presented in the museum itinerary reflect the most intense moments of Ciusa's research, from the beginning, in the early twentieth century, to the end of the 1940s. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Ciusa had the opportunity to attend, since 1899, the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, alongside masters such as the sculptor Domenico Trentacoste, the Macchiaioli painter Giovanni Fattori and the engraver Adolfo De Carolis, of which he reworked not only the languages, between realism and symbolism, but also the anarchist and socialist ideas. In addition to the sculptor's works, the spaces of the former Nuoro court house a new exhibition itinerary, “Sardegna 900”, dedicated to the artists of the Sardinian pictorial school of the first half of the last century, through the most important works of the MAN collection. A collection consisting of over 600 works that host important artists such as Antonio Ballero, Mario Delitala, Giovanni Ciusa Romagna, Giuseppe Biasi and many others.

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Piazza Santa Maria della Neve, 8
08100 Nuoro

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