MANN - Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli


National Archaeological Museum of Naples - MANN è between più oldest and most important in the world for the richness and uniquenessà the archaeological heritage. L’ origin and the formation of its collections are tied to the figure of Charles III of Bourbon that ascended to the Kingdom throne of Naples in 1734, became a promoter of’ exploration of the cityà Vesuvius buried by’ eruption of AD 79 and the project of a Farnese Museum, with the transfer to the cityà part of the rich collection inherited by his mother Elisabeth. It must to his son Ferdinand IV the decision to convene in’ current building Farnese collection and the Vesuvian collection, which are the two main Museum nuclei.

The palace, built at end of‘ 500 with the target of riding and since 1616 the seat of’ Università ;, was interested in  as of 1777 by a long period of renovation, entrusted to the Escape and Schiantarelli architects.  the first productions saw the light during the French Decade (1806-1815) and, with the return of the Bourbons in Naples in 1816, the Museum changed its name to Royal Bourbon Museum.  Designed as a’ institution encyclopaedic, in’ building were housed various institutions and laboratories, subsequently transferred to other locations.

With the’ Unità d’ Italy became the National Museum. Her collections have gradually enriched by the finds from excavations conducted in Southern Italy, as well as from private collections.

The transfer of the Art Gallery in Capodimonte in 1957 has determined the’ current Archaeological Museum.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Museo n.18/19
80135 Napoli


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