The Complex Real Casa Santa dell'Annunziata is found in the church near the Garibaldi Station in Naples, in the center. Located in Pendino district near Fork, the Complex Real Annunciation House is dedicated to the care of abandoned infants. The complex was originally made in 1318, the church, a hospital, the convent and a hospice for foundlings. The pious work originated in 1304 on the initiative of two Neapolitan gentlemen, brothers Nicholas and James scondito that, in 1343, won the support of the queen Sancia of Majorca, wife of Robert of Anjou. The work was enlarged in 1433 by the will of Giovanna II, collected large donations so as to create, in 1577, Banco Ave Gratia Plena that among mixed and complex events formed the genesis of Banco di Napoli. The building has retained its original structure even though it was restored in 1700. Even today you can see the wheel of the exhibits, the hole through which were inserted abandoned babies or misery or because illegitimate. The basilica built by the Anjou and later restored by Luigi Vanvitelli, after the Second World War was the subject of a major restoration because of the extensive damage suffered during the conflict.

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Via Egiziaca a Forcella, 18
80139 Napoli

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