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ongoing it's raining gods

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The exhibition constitutes an integral part of a broader project, "Egypt and Naples between ancient and contemporary" , which opens in December 2023, with which the National Archaeological Museum of Naples tells the forms and stories of the ancient relationship between the Neapolitan city and Egypt. Simona Da Pozzo's exhibition project unfolds between rooms LXXXIII and LXXXIV (83-84). The title of the exhibition, deliberately pop, is reminiscent of a famous disco song from the 80s. The substance of the exhibition, however, relates the visible and material dimension of the performative action and of the work exhibited with the invisible and immaterial one of the research, which the artist has been conducting on the Corpo Monument of Naples since 2019 as part of the Atlas dei Corpi project, supported by Ex-voto Association for Radical Public Culture .

The works were conceived for the Museum and aim to highlight the connections between the Museum and the city, by combining the ancient with the language of the contemporary. A key element of the concept is the monument known as "The body of Naples", a marble sculptural group depicting a personification of the Nile river, located in the heart of the historic center of Naples (the famous Spaccanapoli) in what, in ancient times, was known as regio Nilensis, or the neighborhood of the Egyptians. The works compare the statue of the Nile to the mystery cults dedicated to Isis and Osiris . The monument is exposed to the elements and the rain itself takes on an emblematic value for the installation Collecting the water of the Nile when it rains , at the MANN in room LXXXIV, dedicated to the findings from the Sacrarium of the temple of Isis in Pompeii. For a year, the artist collected the rainwater that flowed on the surface of the statue using a long methacrylate tube, with the effect of symbolically recreating the sacred water of the Nile. That same water, during the inauguration, was poured into a glass container, made in Murano by the artist, whose shape was inspired by the bronze mystic cist from the temple of Isis in Pompeii (exhibited in the same room). and to the one painted in the famous fresco on which the Navigium Isidis is depicted, or the journey led by the goddess on the Nile to recover the dismembered body of Osiris, torn to pieces by his brother Seth.

On the surface of the vase, a drawing by the artist is significantly reproduced in relief, also exhibited in the exhibition together with other preparatory graphic works, in which the statue of the Nile can be seen with the hooded figure of Da Pozzo herself, in the act of collecting the rainwater. The second artistic intervention, Like the petrichor for camels , is positioned at the passage between the room dedicated to oriental cults and the one which houses the model of Pompeii. The statue of Isis from the portico of the Pompeian temple, placed as if to protect the Vesuvian city, is accompanied by an LED sign on which words flow which, evoking the scent of rain on the dry earth, place emphasis on the vital breath of which the ' ankh is symbol.


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80135 Naples


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