The Expiatory Chapel is a memorial in Monza, commissioned by Vittorio Emanuele III to commemorate the assassination of his father, Umberto I. The king, shortly after the death of his father (which took place on 29 July 1900), commissioned the project to the architect Giuseppe Sacconi, former author of the project for the Vittoriano in Rome. The works were completed in 1910, so as to make it ready on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the attack. The monument, built on the exact spot of the attack, is surrounded by a tree-lined garden, closed by a wrought iron gate. The inside of the temple, with a circular plan, is covered with Byzantine-inspired mosaics and marbles of various colors and of various origins. Various mosaic subjects depict, in the sails, angels with the symbols of the Passion of Christ and, in the tondi, saints and blessed of the House of Savoy. From the outside you can access the underlying crypt, in the shape of a Greek cross, covered with polychrome marble and bronzes. The vaults are mosaic reproducing a starry sky. At the intersection of the four arms of the crypt there is a black marble stone that bears the date of 29 July 1900, to remember the point where King Umberto I was shot down by the anarchist Bresci. A faint golden light filters through ten windows closed by alabaster plates. The monument was also visited by Benito Mussolini, who with a stone engraved the inscription: Monumento a Bresci. Every 29 July, as has been the case since 1911, a ceremony commemorating the regicide takes place with a celebration in the chapel. At night, every 29 July, the monument is illuminated from the inside through the two alabaster crosses.

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Via Matteo da Campione 7/a
20052 Monza


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