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An exhibition that, in reality, consists of three exhibitions that represent creativity, ideas, collaborations , the path led by young artists during their stay and study in Modena. The three exhibition moments are also a testimony of the research and production of the artists, born between 1982 and 1997 , who reflected on their own doing, on public space and on the most urgent issues of the present.

Photographs, videos, installations and multimedia projects will be on display. The first section is titled In / Drafts / Out and contains the works created by the artists enrolled in the Master on Contemporary Image during the two-year period 2019/2021. It follows in the Sale Superiori After all, which collects the research of the artists of the 2021/2022 annual course of Artistic Practices for the Contemporary Image. In the spaces and in collaboration with the Delfini library, La Fabbrica blu, which houses the works created by a group of students of the Master on image, closes in the context of the site specific project led by the artist and teacher Mario Cresci.

IN / DRAFTS / OUT The concept orchestrated by the artists Veronica Alessi, Federica Bassi, Roberta Gennaro, Greta Grasso, Paolo Munari Mandelli, Alessio Pecorari, Fabrizio Previti, Fiorenza Triassi, Beatrice Zerbato plays on the meaning of these three words, taken from the terminology of messaging online, which refer to the act of writing, to the ideas of process, transformation, change, but also to the relationship between inside and outside, going in and out, the encounters, the lines that intertwine and the knots that unravel. The very architecture of the message is a metaphor for exposure: the point of view, adding or removing words, modifying, rereading, deleting, rewriting and finally sending. The entire path carried out can be seen as a metaphor for a writing and reworking process to finally arrive at an Out - out . The exhibition is accompanied by an artist's notebook designed and created by students with images of their works, which can be purchased in the FMAV bookshop.


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Corso Canalgrande, 103
41121 Modena


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