Museo Archeologico del Castello Sforzesco

The Prehistoric And Protohistoric Collections

Collections Prehistoric and Protohistoric, s itrovano in the underground rooms of the Ducal Court of the Castello Sforzesco. The Museum, with the support of numerous educational panels, explains step by step l’ evolution of the territory, from the Neolithic until the Roman colonization. It opens the way the Neolithic with its technological innovations. chipped stone tools and smoother found in Lombardy document the stone work from the sixth to the fourth millennium a.C.Segue Età Bronze (in northern Italy, 2200-900 B.C.), characterized by the processing of copper and its alloys and from’ use of’ plow and the wagon. The museum tour continues with the testimonies dell’ età Late Bronze (XII-X century BC) and the first Età Iron.   communityà Golasecca develop a progressive urbanization which is realized in the VI and V B.C. and a complex social stratification. From the fifth century operate as brokers of exchanges between the Mediterranean and the’ Celtic Europe, reaching a high degree of focused wealth in the hands of aé aristocratic lite, which lays in the tombs of outstanding beauty kits, such as Sesto Calende.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Castello
20121 Milano


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