Civic Planetarium "Ulrico Hoepli"

The “Ulrico” Civic Planetarium in Milan is an institution founded for the dissemination of the teaching of astronomy and related sciences, such as physics, astronautics and earth sciences. The Planetarium is part of the Polo dei Musei Scientifici together with the Civic Museum of Natural History and the Aquarium and Civic Hydrobiological Station of Milan. The Planetarium is the largest in Italy and is an instrument that allows you to reproduce, with realism and suggestion, the appearance of the starry sky. The Planetarium is located inside the “Indo Montanelli” Public Gardens at Porta Venezia near the Civic Museum of Natural History, the PaleoLab and the BioLab. The activities of the Planetarium consist of school and public lectures on topics related to astronomy. The conferences are dedicated in particular to the knowledge of the starry vault.

Timetable and tickets


Corso Venezia, 57
20121 Milan

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