The PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art is among the first examples of architecture designed for contemporary art and conceived as an agile exhibition structure. Located in the gardens of Villa Reale, today GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano, they were originally the stables of the Villa. The first level communicates with the external park through the glass window, and was initially designed to house sculptures. The second level, divided by means of movable walls (now fixed) was designed for painting. the third, originally intended for the exhibition of prints, drawings, photography and objects, is a raised rectangular gallery overlooking the second level with a balcony. The PAC was born with the intention of being a space for contemporary art available to the citizens of Milan, a place where adults and children can deal with the challenges of their time helped by the power of art. Today the PAC is home to temporary exhibitions, cultural events and educational workshops for children and families in order to bring the little ones closer to contemporary art.

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Via Palestro, 14
20121 Milan

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