Messner Mountain Museum Ortles

Il Messner Mountain Museum Ortles

Dedicated to the theme of ice and set up in a modern underground structure, the museum is located in Solda, at 1900 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Ortles glacier, which the famous map of Tyrol drawn in 1774 by Peter Anich indicated as the " End of the world". In MMM Ortles we meet the terror of ice and darkness, the myths of the snowman and the snow lion, the white out and the third pole, in a journey through two centuries of history of ice tools, skiing, ice climbing and expeditions to the poles. MMM Ortles exhibits the largest collection of paintings with views of the Ortles. The Yak & Yeti tavern, located next to the museum, offers specialties from the South Tyrolean and Himalayan mountains. Together with the Venosta architect Arnold Gapp, Reinhold Messner has created a truly unique museum structure in Solda. Gapp has arranged the main space of the museum inside a small hill next to the Yak & Yeti farm. It is accessed from a large opening cut into the retaining wall of the hill, covered with stone. A ramp descends towards an artificial cave made entirely of exposed reinforced concrete. The room takes light from above, from a glass strip that crosses the ceiling like the crevasse of a glacier. Placing itself in a particular point of the cave, through the glass it is possible to see the top of the Ortles.

ph. credit: Paolo Zanzi - Gerhard Hagen


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Museo Ortles Strada Forestale 32/A
39029 Solda


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