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On 13 July Palazzo Reale in Milan presents a monographic exhibition of Omar Galliani , recognized master of drawing, which will remain open to the public with free admission until 24 September 2023. The exhibition Omar Galliani. Diachronic. Suspended time, curated by Flavio Caroli and Vera Agosti, is promoted by the Municipality of Milan-Culture and produced and organized by Palazzo Reale and Archivio Omar Galliani.

Omar Galliani (Montecchio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, 1954) believes in the eternity of design, which survives its creator and resists over time. An "infinite design", which becomes a single, absolute, immense work, which has its own time, dilated like its dimensions, which becomes religion and is "recited" daily like a mantra; a design that the artist has been able to reinvent and renew.

The title of the exhibition – Diachronic – is borrowed from linguistics and refers to the study of languages in their historical development. The subtitle – The suspended time – alludes to the resistance of the artist's doing, which in an increasingly digitized and dematerialized world, supports the beauty of the physicality of the work of art.

The exhibition itinerary, developed on the noble floor of Palazzo Reale, includes over 100 works, from the end of the 1970s to today. An excursus through Galliani's works presented in the Biennales of Venice, Paris, San Paolo, Prague, Tokyo, Beijing, in the context of museum exhibitions, with the addition of a selection of unpublished works, created specifically for the Milanese exhibition. In addition to the drawings, lowered into the sparkling black of the graphite and conveyed in the intimate dimension of the paper or in the monumentality of the engraved or scratched poplar panel, there are also some oil on canvas works on display which, despite the radical choice of the drawing, the artist painted in the eighties and, subsequently, every winter, creating only one large pictorial work a year, when the snow falls on the Po valley.


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piazza Duomo, 12
20122 Milan


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