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From 22 April Palazzo Reale in Milan will host for the first time in Europe a large monographic exhibition of one of the leading figures on the international art scene: Leandro Erlich. The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Milan-Cultura , is produced and organized by Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia, in collaboration with Studio Erlich , with the curatorship of Francesco Stocchi .

Argentine artist, born in Buenos Aires in 1973, Erlich creates large installations with which the public relates and interacts, becoming the work of art itself. His works are unique and represent an absolute novelty in the art world and combine creativity, vision, emotion and fun. Buildings in which you can virtually climb, houses uprooted and suspended in the air, elevators that lead nowhere, stairways furniture tangled as if they were threads of a ball of yarn, unsettling and surreal sculptures, videos that subvert normality.

They are all elements that tell us something ordinary in an extraordinary context, where everything is different from what it seems, where the sense of reality and the perception of space are lost. Erlich's works are the result of a profound and conceptual, which leads to the paradox and which has already conquered millions of visitors around the world: 600,000 in Tokyo and 300,000 in Buenos Aires, everywhere the public has flocked to his exhibitions, characterized by site-specific installations that are very complex to create and therefore very rare.

From 22 April 2023 at Palazzo Reale, the public has been given the opportunity to get to know Erlich's work through his best-known and iconic works, brought together for the first time in a single venue with the aim of systematizing the artist's production. Erlich takes us to a magical elsewhere, where the possible becomes impossible, but which amazes and excites thanks to a great aesthetic sense and a strongly intrinsic poetry. The result is explosive, fun, exciting, unforgettable.

His work explores the perceptual foundations of reality and our ability to interrogate these same foundations through a visual framework. The architecture of the everyday is a recurring theme in Erlich's art, which aims to create a dialogue between what we believe and what we see, as well as trying to bridge the gap between the museum space and everyday experience. artist describes himself thus: I like to present myself as a conceptual artist who works in the realm of reality and perception. My subject is reality, symbols and the potential for meaning. I am committed to creating a body of work - especially in the public sphere - that opens up to the imagination, subverts normality, rethinks representation and proposes actions that construct and deconstruct situations to disrupt reality. Speaking in general.

Each work by Leandro Erlich is to be read as a window onto the world sensitive to the gaze, which instead of misleading reveals the landscape that everyone holds within themselves. As a first reaction, a work by Erlich arouses a sense of familiarity with respect to the newspaper, to then insinuate a certain doubt. Observing the work carefully, the viewer's gaze begins to doubt what he perceives when faced with an inexplicable phenomenon. Arousing questions, doubts and emotions in the public that interact with his works is Erlich's primary thought, and it is precisely the participation of the spectator that makes the work complete. It is difficult to explain Erlich in words, you have to try the experience to understand.

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piazza Duomo, 12
20122 Milan


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