The Museum of the Satyr is located in the historic center of Mazara del Vallo and is located inside the church of Sant'Egidio. The church is a building of great architectural interest income in 1384. The Museum is dedicated to the wonderful statue of the satyr exhibited in the museum since 2005. The bronze statue was found at two different times: first came to light the left leg and, secondly, the body devoid of the other leg and arms. The satyr is represented during the ecstasy of dance with windswept hair wrapped. It is thought that the satyr was part of a group of statues and sank while traveling between Sicily and Cape Bon. The Museum also exhibits finds from the waters of the Strait of Sicily found during underwater excavations. Among the most important works are: the bronze fragment of vintage flared Punic - Hellenistic; a selection of transport amphorae Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Punic, Roman and medieval; and finally, a bronze cauldron of the Middle Ages.

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Piazza Plebiscito
91026 Mazara del Vallo


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