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SoutHeritage Foundation in its action to support and enhance the expressions of contemporary art and culture, tries to exploit the potential of suggestive underground spaces in the heart of the Sassi di Matera (UNESCO heritage) by presenting the exhibition project "Patrimonies".

In its showing itself in a place of memory of the city, the exhibition, as per the mission of the SoutHeritage projects (which has been operating in Matera since 2004, setting up various cultural projects at historical and symbolic places in the city and in the Basilicata region, thus contributing to the vivification of memory architectural history of the natural and man-made territory), once again explores new forms of relationship between contemporary works of art, historical spaces and the spectator, presenting an exhibition project in which the structure of the narrative, through multiple mediums (painting, installation, sculpture , video) is configured as a system open to interpretation, not structured as a linear discourse but as a scattered text, composed of works by national and international artists such as: Saâdane Afif, Dario Carmentano, Alberto Garutti, Gary Hill, Ottmar Hörl, Žilvinas Kempinas , Jose Garcia Ortega.

In this context, the project, thanks to the precious collaboration of Palazzo Viceconte (formerly Venusio), leads to the heart of the Rioni Sassi and more specifically to the grain warehouses of a seventeenth-century palace complex of great charm, located in the ancient economic and social center. and religious of the city of Matera. The location thus becomes the ideal setting for a project in which the territory and architecture are no longer simply a geographical location and an exhibition context, but themselves become mediums. With this in mind, the exhibition places at the center of the cultural experience not only the works of contemporary art that transform the volumes of historical architecture into sensitive spaces and containers of collective experiences, but also the symbolic value of the same thanks to the works on display. which, placed outside their chronological succession and the contexts of creation, in their partiality, create a horizon of reading from multiple perspectives that offer an unusual experience of relationship and re-signification of spaces and works.

The spaces, recently subjected to an important conservative restoration project (internal and external), are therefore reconsidered according to a precise path, through which the visitor is guided to the discovery of the works that can be perceived as autonomous and self-sufficient, but also as part of a broader vision that includes them all and connects them to the exhibition context. In this context, the exhibition does not want to be an exhibition, but more a visual model that does not seek at all costs thematic or stylistic, chronological or generational connections between the works and the artists, but rather a cultural format to offer a reinterpretation-discovery of environments stirred up starting from some works-testimony already listed and / or historicized, which become the common ground for a re-understanding of art between the reflective production of art and the recovery of new relationships with the public that needs to be documented and involved.

Timetable and tickets


Via S. Potito 8, Rioni Sassi
75100 Matera


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