The Museum of Flemish tapestries is located in the center of Marsala. The Museum was founded in 1984 by Monsignor Antonino Lombardo, bishop of Messina. The museum is named archpriest of the city of Marsala and pastor of the Mother Church in Marsala Andrea Linares, founder of the institution. The museum's collection includes the exhibition of eight Flemish tapestries from the late sixteenth century. The collection is one of the most important present throughout Italy and narrate the principal events of the conquest of Jerusalem by the Roman Emperor Vespasian and Titus. The tapestries were produced in the seventeenth century in high-warp fabric with elegant weaving of wool and colored silks. The eight tapestries retrace chronologically the history of the battle represents the most salient episodes. Among the most valuable and relevant tapestries include: the second "Agrippa in front of Vespasian"; the third "Emperor Vespasian accepts the nomination" and finally the seventh "Jesus offers to Tito two candlesticks".

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