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Where does the force of Venus come from? Where do his powers come from, capable, thanks to Love and Beauty, of conditioning the desires and actions of men, of protecting or tormenting human and divine lovers?

From 21 March to 12 December 2021, with the VENUS DIVINA project. Harmony on the earth - produced and organized by the Palazzo Te Foundation and the Palazzo Te Civic Museum, and promoted by the Municipality of Mantua with the patronage of the MiC and with the contribution of the Banca Agricola Mantovana Foundation - three exhibitions and a program of events they try to find an answer, exploring the myth of Venus as a representation of the sense of rebirth from antiquity to modern times.

VENUS DIVINE. Armonia sulla terra represents the completion of a reflection on women started in 2018 with the exhibition Tiziano / Gerhard Richter. Heaven on Earth continued in 2019 with Giulio Romano: Arte e Desiderio. The project is developed in three exhibition moments, from a survey of the iconographic heritage of Palazzo Te to a broad reflection on the current power of the myth of the goddess.


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Viale Te, 13
46100 Mantova


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