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From February 1 to June 30, 2020, Palazzo Te Foundation in collaboration with Electa, presents Giulio Romano Experience: set up in the monumental rooms of Palazzo Te in Mantua, the multimedia exhibition, designed and created by Punto Rec Studios and Visivalab, will involve the visitor in a spectacular path, retracing the figure and career of the artist from Rome to Mantua, from Mantua to Europe.

Giulio Romano, a genius of the Renaissance, a favorite pupil of Raphael, an eclectic artist, arrived in Mantua in 1524 called by Federico II Gonzaga, for whom he created his masterpiece: Palazzo Te.

During the exhibition Giulio's life is told in stages through the innovative languages ​​of multimedia: virtual reality viewers, augmented reality screens, high-definition projectors, proximity audio will allow the viewer to enter the artist's workshop and experience the atmosphere of one of the most renowned European Renaissance courts, discovering the secrets of the architectural and pictorial work of the famous Master of Mannerism.

The story unfolds in three different narrative environments. The first is dedicated to Giulio Romano and wonder as a purpose in art: an evocative narration through images retraces Giulio's entire career, from the first workshop tests by Raffaello to the masterpieces of architecture and painting of the Mantuan period, up to the diffusion of his style in Italy and Europe. The next room focuses on Palazzo Te and the refined Renaissance narrative device implemented by the Maestro and his workshop. The third and last room has the purpose of enhancing Mantua and the "signs" left by Giulio Romano. The artist and the city are closely connected. When in 1526, while he was building Palazzo Te, he was appointed prefect of the Gonzaga factories and "superior of the urban streets", which gave him the qualification to supervise all the architectures and artistic productions of the court, he carried out a wide work as painter and architect, marked by a decorative pomp and taste of the wonder and ingenious and bizarre artifice that marked the city.

The exhibition dialogues with the new multimedia path of the Palace: thanks to a careful study of historical documentation and experience in the application of the latest technologies in the cultural heritage sector, the public can take advantage of a virtual reality workstation that allows you to undertake a journey with Giulio Romano in the history of the palace. In post-production the collected images of all the spaces were elaborated, divided by layer and through motion graphics: Giulio Romano's drawings thus resume life and volume.

Some examples: the fresco depicting Palazzo Te in Ovidio's room has been elaborated in an immersive 360 ​​° image which, preserving the author's texture and brush strokes and respecting the historical-artistic documentation, allows you to enter the painting feeling immersed in the landscape. There are boats, characters and trees moved by the wind.

Similar work has been done in the Camera dei Giganti: Jupiter launching arrows from Olympus has been animated and redesigned in every single frame, following the artist's original drawings. In post-production, everything was elaborated and animated to arrive at a total immersion in the majestic and tragic scene of the fall of the Giants. Thanks to virtual reality technology, the visitor can see Giulio Romano's original project in the study of his drawings. The 3D processing of maps and floor plans allows you to see Palazzo Te as it appeared to visitors of the time, before man, history and time changed its structures and the island landscape that surrounded it. Furthermore, for the first time in heritage projects, virtual reality is accompanied by 360 ° sound effects so as to completely immerse the visitor and transport him through time, sounds and space to discover this marvel, Palazzo Te. Giulio Romano Experience is part of the program of exhibitions and events Giulio Romano is Palazzo Te, which includes the museum's new multimedia itinerary and the great Giulio Romano exhibition: Art and Desire (until 6 January 2020). The project is promoted by the Municipality of Mantua, produced and organized by the Palazzo Te Foundation with the Electa publishing house; with the contribution of the Lombardy Region, Mantua Chamber of Commerce, Banca Agricola Mantovana Foundation, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Cariverona Foundation, Mantovana Community Foundation Onlus; with the support of the technical sponsors Aermec, Smeg; and with the support of Amici di Palazzo Te and the Mantovani Museums, Agroittica Lombarda.


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Viale Te, 13
46100 Mantova


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