The Museum of Natural History is located in Macerata old town of Macerata and is located in the basement of the Palace Lucangeli. The building is one of the oldest in the city built in 1570 by the will of Captain Felice Rossini. The Institute dates back to 1973 year in which Romano Dezi, as well as curator of the museum, has combined his passion for paleontological research in a series of exhibitions and interventions in the schools of the capital. Since 1993, donated artifacts, purchased or collected during the 35 years of the curator are exposed to the public and made available. The exhibition is divided into five different sections: mineralogical, vertebrates, malacologia, mineralogy and entomology. Rich is the section of Paleontology: among the numerous fossils, from the territory of Macerata, are to be reported fossil flora findings, a large amount of invertebrates, ie clams - the beautiful Ammonites until the bivalves and to gastropods - Trilobites and echinoderms. The zoological collection presents a number of stuffed animals, especially birds, as well as mammals, parts of skeletons and horns of various animals; Fish and Reptiles dry preparations. There is also a space reserved for the entomological collection, represented by numerous specimens of beetles, moths as well as from various sources. There is also a small section of Malacology with a notable presence of shells from the seas and oceans around the world and one of Mineralogy with a collection of minerals, crystals and semi-precious stones, from both Italy and abroad. And 'it is built a roof garden courtyard adjacent to the Museum.

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Via Santa Maria della Porta, 65
62100 Macerata

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