The Palazzo Ducale

The Palazzo Ducale in Lucca is located in the city center and represents the political center of Lucca and administrative. The palace was designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati, Filippo Juvarra, Nottolini Lorenzo and Francesco Pini. The palace was used as a fortress and noble residence over the centuries. Of great interest is surely the grand staircase designed by Nottolini. At the top of the staircase you can admire the gallery decorated with stucco and marble statues. The Great Hall of the General Council of the Republic hosts the fresco of Lucca Freedom of Pietro Testa and other grotesque and sixteenth-century stucco decorations. Palazzo Ducale preserves the Risorgimento Museum, which includes the collection from 1821 to the First World War. Among the most important works are on display flags 1821 of the Carbonari, objects related to the personality of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini. Also of historical importance are also clothes, everyday items, weapons and letters. The museum was reopened in 2013 after a period of restoration and overhaul of the exhibits.

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Cortile Carrara, 1
55100 Lucca


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