Museum of the Roman Theater of Lecce is located in the heart of the town of Salento. Attached to the theater, the museum was set up by the Fondazione Memmo, in a classroom of the prestigious building of the seventeenth century belonged to the Roman family. The museum not only contains finds from the excavations carried out in the first half of the last century have unearthed the ancient monument, holds an exhibition entitled "Roma. The scene of life" in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome and Archelogica Superintendent of Puglia, illustrating the theme of the set and the illusionistic representation in the Roman world. Of great stage effect series of the nine theatrical masks from the Villa Adriana in Tivoli. Finally, thanks to a plastic, you can see the reconstruction of a large urban area of ​​Lupiae (the ancient Lecce) in the Roman Empire.

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Via degli Ammirati, 5
73100 Lecce


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