The CRAC - Research Center for Contemporary Arts is located in Lamezia Terme, in the province of Crotone. The CRAC was born as a place for research, creation and experimentation of contemporary arts such as music, visual arts and performing arts. CRAC is a reality that aims to support the new generation of Italian artists and young people who want to acquire the means of expression to be able to develop their own projects, creating a direct bridge with the other existing realities in Italy and abroad. CRAC's artistic residences are created to satisfy the needs and requirements of artists who have the desire to produce their own project. From the embryonic stage of conception to implementation to get to the presentation to the public. The artistic fields are: performance, figurative arts, theater, dance and music. For artists, especially emerging artists, it is increasingly difficult to find places where they can give life to their creations in a professional way and with the necessary technical means. Each residence will correspond to an exhibition, show, performance, concert; a work that can then be part of CRAC and the place of residence itself. CRAC is also a space for coworking, a suitable place for shooting, rehearsals and showcases. From a former computer school to a cultural center, CRAC lends itself to all kinds of events: concerts, live performances and exhibitions but also conferences, events dedicated to food and talks.

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