The Castle of San Giorgio is located in the highest part of the city of La Spezia, called "the Poggio hill". The castle is an ancient fortification of medieval origin of the thirteenth century. The castle is one of the most important area for its impressive size and dominant position in the city. Today the castle houses the archaeological collections "U. Formentini "constituted by artefacts from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The Museum is considered the oldest city with a long history of 140 years, and is linked to local and historical traditions. Inside the rooms are arranged: 19 statues - sandstone anthropomorphic stele dating back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age; the finds from the necropolis of the ancient Luni and finally, from different backgrounds objects that were donated by private individuals. Since 2000, the exhibition traces chronologically the history and cultural evolution of the finds. The Castle is home to cultural events, shows, exhibitions and events especially in summer.

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Via XXVII Marzo
19100 La Spezia

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