Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art Mu.Sp.Ac.

MU.SP.A.C. - Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art

The MU.SP.AC Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art in L'Aquila , known more simply as MU.SP.AC ., was born in 1993 thanks to the Cultural Association "Quarto di Santa Giusta" - Multimedia Center.

The MU.SP.AC , instrumental body of the same association, had its first headquarters in the spaces of the former Monastery of Santa Maria dei Recommendations and subsequently in Palazzo Baroncelli Cappa, in via Paganica, 17. Unfortunately the 2009 earthquake made the seat of the museum is unusable and since 2011 it has been located in Piazza D'Arti (in the immediate suburbs of L'Aquila), waiting to return to the historic centre.

The MU.SP.AC has a permanent collection which includes works by internationally renowned artists such as J.Beuys, J.Kounellis, F.Mauri, M.Merz, M.Pistoletto, G.Paolini, G. Zorio, Christo, S Bussotti, G.Chiari etc., and works by artists of the new generations such as Francesco Arena, Gea Casolaro, Bruna Esposito, Donatella Spaziani, Luana Perilli etc.

The MU.SP.AC Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art goes beyond the concept of a museum as a simple "collector", to move more and more towards research and experimentation: it organizes theatrical performances, concerts, educational workshops, conferences, workshops. It has a library, a video archive, a projection room.

In the work carried out over the years, art has always been thought of as a practice of global experience, an all-encompassing process that serves the regeneration and liberation of men from the constraints of society.

Practicing this idea of total art, artists and scholars of various disciplines have been involved in many events, with which it has been possible to cross various cultural territories, in the awareness that it is precisely art that allows the development of the dynamic structure of all knowledge.


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Piazza d'Arti
67100 L'Aquila


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