The Diocesan Museum of Gubbio is located in the heart of the medieval city. The museum is located in the old Palace of the Canons by the Cathedral. The Palace was built in 1100 and is one of the most interesting architecture of Umbria. The building preserves the original artifacts, the ornate rooms of details, panoramas and views of the Umbrian plain. The palace is home to the Diocesan Museum from the beginning of the twentieth century to today. The museum has an extensive art collection that traces the two thousand year history of the diocese. Of great interest is the "Barrel of Canons" a large container of the fifteenth century. La Botte was the center of numerous debates related to oenology of the area. The archaeological section consists of finds from the Roman and early medieval found in Umbria. An important part of the collection consists of paintings and sculptures from the thirteenth, fourteenth century and the Renaissance. Among all stand out the painted panels from Mello, the works of Ottaviano Nelli workshop and the beautiful fresco by Taddeo di Bartolo depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ. He concludes the visit Renaissance and Flemish cope which is part of the collection of liturgical furnishings.

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Via Federico da Montefeltro
06024 Gubbio

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