Grottaglie Ceramics Museum

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The Grottaglie Ceramics Museum

The need to establish a Ceramics Museum in Grottaglie arose from the awareness of the central role that museums play today as places that not only preserve history but also allow its knowledge and diffusion.

The ceramic heritage of Grottaglie boasts a centuries-old history although there are still doubts regarding the origins and probable dating of the start of ceramic production due to the uncertainties of the documentary evidence.

Established on 22 December 1999, the museum was considered the privileged tool for starting a reconstruction of the history of Grottaglie ceramics. The choice of location was particularly successful and, precisely, the lower rooms of the Episcopio Castle, built in the 14th century by order of Archbishop Giacomo d'Atri and for a long time the residence of the Tarantine Archbishops.

The museum collection, which has grown considerably over the years, presents a composite corpus of works, made up mainly of private donations, divided into thematic and chronological areas.


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c/o Castello Episcopio
74023 Grottaglie


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