The archaeological area of ​​Roselle is a few kilometers away from the town of Grosseto. Roselle takes its name from the Etruscan town and keep a superposition of ruins and walls of that period. Roselle enjoyed a favorable geographical position the city was conquered by the Romans, as well as the nearby city of Vetulonia. The Roman period are still preserved the amphitheater, villas, the hole and the basilica with the rain water collecting system. Since the fifties of the twentieth century was conducted a campaign of excavations to unearth the remains of Etruscan and Roman periods. Thanks to the excavations could be traced to the remains of the peppered flamines Augustales, built in imperial times. Certainly of great interest are the studies in the late age of buildings - Imperial that were reused in medieval times. A good example is the basilica that was converted into a church during the early Christian period and then Lombard.

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Via dei Ruderi, 46
58040 Grosseto

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