The Archaeological Collection Goriziana is located in the historic center of the city of Gorizia. The collection includes archaeological finds, medieval and Renaissance works artifacts. The course is organized chronologically and divided by themes. The first room exhibits artifacts from the Paleolithic and Neolithic found in the San Lorenzo area Isontino, Capriva and Mossa. The second room is home to relics of the early history and the Iron Age, with particular attention to the artefacts found in the necropolis. Of great value are the Saint Lucia materials Tolmin which is one of the characteristics of the area cemeteries. the third room displays Roman artefacts and includes iron tools related to agriculture, fishing, woodworking and construction. Among the most popular exhibits include pottery, oil lamps, vases and glass vases. They conclude the path of the last two rooms that tell the Medieval and Renaissance history in the area. Weapons iron crosses and Lombard are the most valuable artifacts and characteristic present. At the Renaissance period are the archaic majolica ceramics and scratched and painted on slip.

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Borgo Castello, 13
34170 Gorizia

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