The “Torrione La Rocca” Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Giulianova, in the province of Teramo. The "Rocca" district, located at the highest point of Giulia's stronghold, was the most fortified place with its three towers: "La Rocca", on the corner, and a short distance away the other two, called "il Buscione" and “Il Mozzone”, no longer existing today. The walls were probably completed already by 1480, a few years after the foundation. The tower, since 2001, is the seat of the archaeological section of the Civic Museum Center where the testimonies of the life of the Roman city of Castrum Novum Piceni are preserved, founded by the Romans around 290 BC at the mouth of the Batinus river, today's Tordino in the South. of the city, on a pre-existing settlement, such as amphorae, pottery, various objects that come from burials. Among the finds stand out the interesting historiated oil lamps that produced in Castrum, were embarked from its port and reached the most distant corners of the Empire. The museum collects the finds of Castrum Novum, a Roman colony of the third century BC from which Giulianova arose. The museum is still under development and is gradually enriched with new finds that have come to light and subsequently restored.

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Museo archeologico Torrione la Rocca via Acquaviva, ang. via del Popolo
64021 Giulianova

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