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On Thursday 24 March at 4.00 pm, at the Ballroom of Palazzo Reale in Genoa, the volume "Luni" by Lucia Gervasini and Silvia Landi will be presented, published within the prestigious series "Ancient mosaics in Italy" directed by Federico Guidobaldi, who it includes the edition of monographs dedicated to individual Roman centers.

After the greetings of Alessandra Guerrini, Regional Director of Liguria Museums and Cristina Bartolini, Superintendent of archeology, fine arts and landscape for the metropolitan city of Genoa and the Province of La Spezia, the volume will be presented by Professor Fabrizio Slavazzi, full professor of Classical Archeology at the 'State University of Milan.

The volume is the result of a cataloging and study work, started in 2016, during which attention was paid to the floor types present in Luni and to the archaeological methods of discovery. The authors have carried out an extensive and accurate work of re-examination of all the archival documents and materials collected in Luni in over a century of research, and then devote themselves to the phase of detailed analysis of the building units treated, the domus and public buildings . They thus arrived at an overall scientific reorganization, capable of comprehensively composing the results from the most recent archaeological investigations with the first observations dating back to the nineteenth century. Due to the complexity of the topics covered, the richness and completeness of the sources, the competent composition of the files, the study of the materials and the essential usefulness of the equipment, the volume is intended to represent a cornerstone in the field of specialist studies in the sector.Lucia Gervasini was an archaeologist officer of the Archaeological Superintendency of Liguria and, among other posts, director of the National Archaeological Museum of Luni. Silvia Landi is an architect who has been collaborating with the National Archaeological Museum of Luni for years.Free admission subject to availability. Super Green Pass required.

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Via Balbi, 10
16126 Genova


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