The Archaeological Museum of Frosinone is one of the most important civic museums in the entire province of Rome. It is located in the highest part of the city a few steps from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The museum organizes guided tours of the church creating a historical and archaeological itinerary of great interest. A part inherent to Prehistory and Protohistory with significant Palaeolithic finds. There are also objects for domestic use and tableware dating back to the Iron Age. The second part relates to the Archaic age with some remains linked to the presence of Volsci, Ernici and Etruscans from all over the province. Finally we find finds from the Roman era documenting the history of ancient Frusino flanked by the related archaeological evidence. Each section corresponds to a room. The last room is set up to host temporary exhibitions.

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Via XX Settembre, 32
03100 Frosinone


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