The City Museum of Palazzo Trinci is located in the heart of Foligno in Piazza della Repubblica. Palazzo Trinci is one of the examples of late Gothic residences in central Italy. Inside the palace the wonderful fresco by Gentile da Fabriano is still visible today, which tells the story of the founding of Rome. The City Museum is made up of several sections: the picture gallery, the archaeological museum, the multimedia museum of tournaments and jousting and the museum of the Municipal Institution. The Pinacoteca houses paintings from the Foligno pictorial school from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. Among the most important artists we remember: Bartolomeo di Tommaso, Dono Doni, Giovanni di Corraduccio and many others. The Archaeological Museum houses ceramics, bronzes, sculptural and architectural fragments found during excavations in the area. The Municipal Institution Museum is the most active testimony of the history of the City of Foligno. The evidence on display traces the fifteenth century up to the unification of Italy and offers an overview of daily life in the city. The collection includes: necklaces, maces, liturgical vestments and a special cabinet in carved walnut. The tour ends with the Multimedia Museum Tournaments, Jousting and Games which illustrates the journey among ancient knights, tournaments, festivals and medieval games. The visit offers a virtual and interactive tour for a complete understanding of the museum and its history.

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Piazza della Repubblica,
06034 Foligno


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