Palazzo Mazzetti

Palazzo Mazzetti

Palazzo Mazzetti è the più beautiful mansion of the eighteenth century in Asti. It located in the historical center, along Corso Alfieri, Master road medieval, l’ building stands in the middle of a very interesting path, which tells the cityà and the territory on a thematic basis by means of historical-artistic interest. Started in’ last quarter of the seventeenth century and enlarged on project of’ architect Benedetto Alfieri in the years 1751-1752, the Ospit memorize options palace; over the centuries personalityà James Stuart (1717), the King of Sardinia Carlo Emanuele III (1727) and  Napoleon I (1805).

Purchased in 2000 by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, with the aim of creating a major cultural attraction, the palaceè It was returned to the cityà in December of 2011, fully restored and with a renewed layout of the civic collections and environments for temporary exhibitions. With bookshop, classroom, conference room, library, archives, deposits, café, touch screen and  multimedia projections, l’è former residence; full of suggestions. Along the building, from the basement to the top floor which welcomes the nineteenth and twentieth century paintings and sculptures, we can grasp the significant elements of historical events and constructive and, through the museum exhibition, understand the formation of the collections from the last years nineteenth century until today.


Permanent Collection

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Corso Vittorio Alfieri, 357
14100 Asti


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