Sala del Perugino

The Sala del Perugino is located in Florence near the Basilica of Santa Croce .

The museum occupies the Chapter Hall of the convent of Santa Maria Maddalena de 'Pazzi , originally belonging to the "converts or penitents" of the Benedictine order (1257-1442), then to the Cistercians of the Badia a Settimo (1442-1628), and finally to the Carmelites of Santa Maria Maddalena de 'Pazzi , who lived there until the time of the post-unification suppressions (1866).

The Sala del Perugino preserves the fresco with the Crucifixion, the Virgin, St. John, the Magdalene and the Saints Bernardo and Benedetto, executed by Perugino between 1493 and 1496 on commission from Dionigi and Giovanna Pucci.

In the same room are also preserved the detached fresco and its sinopia with San Bernardo welcomes the body of Christ , probably executed in 1506 by a pupil of Perugino , Sperandio di Giovanni.

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Via della Colonna, 9
50121 Florence


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