Park of Villa il Ventaglio

The park of Villa il Ventaglio was originally, in the fifteenth century, an innkeeper's house with a farm that belonged to Lippaccio and Giovanni Brancacci : located on the hill of the Forbici, it offered the opportunity for a stop to the pilgrims who went from Porta a Pinti to San Domenico of Fiesole.

The building belonged first to the Brancacci family, then to the Salvetti who transformed it into a "House for a gentleman and worker", keeping it until the early seventeenth century. Subsequently the property passed to the Bardi and Usimbardi, then the Compagnia di San Michele became fidecommissaria and was leased to the Torrigiani until the first half of the eighteenth century. Subsequently it belonged to the Cedars, then Seratti and after the ownership passed to Agnese Pecci, who in 1824 sold it to the Milanese count Giuseppe Archinto. He commissioned the architect Giuseppe Poggi to renovate and expand the property: the nineteenth-century villa in neoclassical style was built with stables, accessible from via delle Forbici.

With the collaboration of the gardener and botanist Attilio Pucci, the mulberry and olive grove farm was transformed into the current romantic park: the earthworks lasted until 1856, after which the trees (lime, elm, horse chestnut, hackberry) were planted glimpses and perspectives through the contrast between the large masses of trees and the large lawn areas.

The park of Villa il Ventaglio, in English style, extends over the hill for about five hectares; internally a carriage road was built to have easier access to the villa, as an alternative to the steep Via delle Forbici. Characteristic elements are the romantic lake, with islet and bridge, in the large entrance lawn.

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Via Giovanni Aldini, 10/12
50131 Florence


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