Stefano Bardini Museum

The Stefano Bardini Museum is located in the Oltrarno district in Florence and is one of the richest and smallest museums in the city.

The Stefano Bardini Museum houses the collection of the antiquarian Stefano Bardini which he donated to the Municipality of Florence on his death.

The palace purchased in 1880 by Bardini became his home where his legacy is still preserved today. The Museum currently houses more than 3600 works including sculptures, paintings, musical instruments, coins, antique furniture, ceramics and armor . Among the most important works we remember the "Charity" by Tino di Camaino, the "Madonna dei Cordai" by Donatello, the "San Michele Arcangelo" by Antonio del Pollaiolo and the "Martyrdom of a saint" by Tintoretto .

The rooms are divided into thematic areas:

the ground floor is dedicated to Florence and its history; the first floor houses the large medieval wooden "Crucifix" with ceramics ; on the second and third floors are the bronzes and paintings of the Giotto school . The ground floor offers the visitor the opportunity to admire some of the symbols of Florence: the "Boar" by Pietro Tacca from the Porcellino fountain, the "Diavolino" by Giambologna and the "Marzocco" from the architrave of Palazzo Vecchio. Of great historical significance are the antique hanging carpets used during Hitler's visit to Florence in 1938.

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via dei Renai, 37
50125 Florence


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