Rinaldo Carnielo Gallery

The Rinaldo Carnielo Gallery is a museum located in the center of Florence .

The Gallery is located inside an Art Nouveau building. The Museum takes its name from Rinaldo Carnielo academic sculptor of the second half of the nineteenth century .

The Gallery was the home - studio of the artist of the same name. Rinaldo Carnielo lived in Florence and trained at the Academy of Fine Arts. His art is eclectic and inspired by the Renaissance, without forgetting the artistic experiences of the nineteenth century such as the Macchiaioli and later the avant-garde .

The Rinaldo Carnielo Gallery houses a collection of bronzes, sketches and bas-reliefs that evoke the Renaissance and Florentine forms created by Carnielo . Among the most important works, the dying Mozart and the Angel of death stand out. In the rooms there are Mannerist-style furnishings and vases . Also part of the collection are paintings of both the fourteenth century and the Macciaioli: Lega, Fattori and Signorini.

Today over three hundred sculptures by the artist Carnielo who lived and worked here are preserved. The Gallery is currently closed to the public for restoration reasons. The future project is to reopen with a more inclusive project that gives the opportunity to visit the Art Nouveau building, the collection and the artist's workshop.

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Piazza Fra' Girolamo Savonarola, 3
50132 Florence

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