Palazzo Davanzati

Also known as the Museum of the Ancient Florentine House, it was inaugurated as a state museum in 1956. The Palazzo, an ancient fourteenth-century residence of the Davizzi family, merchants and bankers, overlooks its imposing facade on the homonymous square, once populated by ancient houses. towers. The Palazzo was built from the amalgamation of some tower-houses and other properties of the Davizzi family, but it took its name from another family, the Davanzati, who bought it in 1578, enriching the façade with a large coat of arms representing the arms of his family. The Palazzo was purchased in 1904 by the antiquarian Elia Volpi, who inaugurated it in 1910 as the Museum of the Ancient Florentine House, an example of the taste of a "Florentine" sought after by Italians and foreigners. The various collections of the Museum are varied and interesting: sculptures, paintings, furniture, majolica, lace, objects of use, etc. The large entrance loggia leads into the charming courtyard that allows access to the upper floors. On each floor the rooms follow one another according to an identical scheme: the main hall, corresponding to the length of the facade, the day room, the study and the bedroom, with decorated wooden ceilings and murals with fake tapestries together with views of the gardens and to a figurative cycle. The domestic environments - the agiamenti (toilets), present on all floors, and the kitchen on the third floor - testify to the comforts of the noble families who once lived in this magnificent and unique example of a medieval house in Florence.

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Via Porta Rossa, 13
50123 Firenze


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