Museum of the Risorgimento and of the Resistance of Ferrara

The Museum of the Risorgimento and of the Resistance was closed in view of the completion of the restoration, renovation and redevelopment of Palazzo dei Diamanti, included in the intervention n. 30 "Ducato Estense" and financed with resources from the Fund for Development and Cohesion (SSC), whose construction site began on 19 October 2019. The period in which the Museum will remain closed will be an opportunity to start cataloging campaigns and digitization of documents, to deepen the study of materials and rethink the museum layout, also taking into account the new technologies that can be used within the exhibition spaces that can improve the use of documentary material especially for the youngest. The goal is to make it a modern, accessible and attractive cultural site, where users of all generations can get closer to the precious city heritage relating to the Risorgimento and the Resistance period. The new seat of the Museum, once the post-earthquake consolidation and redevelopment works have been completed, will be Casa della Patria Pico Cavalieri, in Corso Giovecca 165. The building was donated to the Municipality of Ferrara in 1918 by the Cavalieri family to honor their son Pico, who died for an aviation accident in 1917, with the aim of assigning the building to the seat of the Museo Patrio del Risorgimento and to Institutions of Public Advantage to be named after Pico.

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Corso Ercole I d'Este, 19
44121 Ferrara

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