The National Archeological Museum Of Ferrara

The National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara is located inside Palazzo Costabili, said "Ludovico il Moro", jewel of the '500, was designed by Biagio Rossetti on behalf of Antonio Costabili ambassador Este in Milan. The centerpiece of the palace is the courtyard, only completed on two sides and adorned with a double loggia decorated with columns and white stone reliefs inspired by classical antiquity. In the porch in front of the garden the Treasure Room is home to an extraordinary cycle of frescoes dating from the early '500 and works by Benvenuto Tisi, called Garofalo. The museum houses art and Renaissance architecture that coexist perfectly with the remains of the ancient city of Spina. Inside of the museum's rooms display the rich grave of the necropolis: ceramics, vases and bronze ornaments, gold jewelery, silver, amber and glass paste, the greek and the Etruscan period, resurfaced since 1922 on public works reclamation of the Comacchio valleys. From menzionale the fascinating Hall of golds, set up like a real love, thanks to a partnership with Bulgari, collects a very wide exhibition of jewelery, amber and glass paste ointment, which clearly show the magnificence of local Etruscan aristocracies between the sixth and the fourth century BC

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Via XX Settembre, 122
44121 Ferrara


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